Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fw: Hi, it's me. The Internet.

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From: The Internet <>
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Subject: Hi, it's me. The Internet.

Dear Mark,

It's me, the Internet. Can you help me?

My future is in danger, which means your online freedom is in danger, too. The FCC just released its National Broadband Plan to get me into more homes in America, but the agency punted on the most serious problem: Companies like Comcast and AT&T have made me too expensive, too slow and too scarce.

Even with this plan, you won't see a better me anytime soon, and many Americans still won't have access to me.

You've already done so much for me. But I urgently need your help again today. 

Can you donate $3 a month to save me?

The FCC has sent their plan to Congress, and industry lobbyists will be out in full force to try to make the plan meet their own interests rather than yours.

My friends at the Free Press Action Fund are working to make sure that the FCC hears from you, and that industry lobbyists don't strong-arm the FCC into accepting their anti-consumer agenda. Your contribution today will help the Free Press Action Fund to:

  • Turn the lofty goals of the National Broadband Plan into reality
  • Give you a voice at the FCC and in Congress, where Internet policy is being decided
  • Fight to make sure the FCC crafts clear, strong Net Neutrality rules
  • Rally public support across the country for building the super-fast, world-class, ubiquitous, open Internet you deserve

Your access to information and freedom to communicate will be decided in this monumental fight. Don't let companies like AT&T and Time Warner Cable take away the free-flowing platform I was born to provide. The National Broadband Plan is my best chance to thrive — but it won't happen without strong leadership from the FCC.

Defend me with a $3 monthly gift

If thousands of people chip in just $3 a month, it will go a long way toward sustaining the Free Press Action Fund's work. And it will ensure that I'm here and healthy for generations to come.

Thank you — and see you online!

Your friend,

The Internet

P.S. Your monthly gift to the Free Press Action Fund will help get me, the Internet, into every home and business in the country. Without access to me at my best — fast, affordable and neutral — millions won't have access to the world. That's a future none of us can afford. Please donate today!

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