Friday, March 26, 2010

Urban Forest takes root in Hazelwood

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Hazelwood Food FOrest WOrkdays! :)

We are happy to announce that we will be hosting a Food Forest workday this Saturday, March 27th 1pm-5pm. If you are interested please read this entire email, as it contains important information! :)

1. You will need to bring your own tools! Sorry about this! We are working to get tools for future workdays but you will need to bring your own until further notice. Bring water, gloves and a hat as well. Its supposed to be sunny! :)
2. Please respond to this email if you plan to addend the workday this weekend. Also email us any questions/ concerns. I will provide those who respond with my cell phone number, in case you get lost trying to find us!
3. Email us if you do not wish to receive notification of workdays! We really dont want to bug you if you are not interested!!
4. The site is located on Irvine/ 2nd Avenue. E-mail if you plan to attend and we will give you more specific directions.
5. Future work dates are included and will be held from 1pm - 5pm.

Tools you could bring if you have them! (There is some work that can be done without please come even if you dont have any of the items below, also we will have some to share...we just dont have enough for everyone!)
maddox- to remove tree roots
hard rakes
digging bar/ pry bar
tree saw
blue recycling bags
garbage bags/ cans

Work days:

March 27- continue clearing
April 3- import soil, compost, mulch? begin forming pathways
April 10- import soil, compost, mulch? begin forming pathways

April 17- fence in site/ sheet mulch/ form raised beds
April 24- plant trees/ shrubs

Thanks SO much!!! We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you this Saturday!

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