Friday, March 19, 2010

Naming rites

A P-G article on sports about nicknames. Schenley is mentioned.
Naming rites: "From Valley's B.B. Flenory and Schenley's Jeep Kelley in the 1970s, to Monkey Cersosimo and Admire 'Pickle' Carter of Beaver Falls today, nicknames flourish in hoops circles.
One of the best nicknames ever in WPIAL or City League sports had to be 'Onion,' the standout point guard of Schenley's powerful PIAA championship team of 2007 that included DeJuan Blair and D.J. Kennedy. Onion is Jamaal Bryant, who got his name at a young age because a youth league coach said his head was shaped like an onion. Seemingly no one knew 'Onion' as Jamaal Bryant."
One of the best, yet not used pet name will be, "The Last Spartan." Schenley is closing. Then what? Powerful.

Meanwhile, few know that Pittsburgh Obama High School is on the way. Once again, while at High School States, we talked with many people and most are sure we are joking when told of the new name to come. B.O. High.

The Eagles!

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Mark Rauterkus said...

Erik's pet name that came at the first swim meeting this season was said by a senior when asked about winning the swim chapionships this year. "Of course Schenley will win City's this year. We have Erik Rauterkus. He is the DeJuan Blair of Swimming."