Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fw: Tea Party Battle Hymns Celebrated in Spin Magazine

By, Angie Ress, Staff Writer,

On page 28 of the 25th anniversary edition of Spin Magazine, Ted Nugent says, "Basically, these guys are telling the government to 'Leave me the f*** alone.'" in reference to the "Band of Patriots" single "Take Our Freedom Back" written by Glenn Hudson, Gary Franchi and Billy Worley.

"The Nuge" was on hand to provide punditry and interpretation for the April issue of Spin in the article titled, "Battle Hymns of the Republic". Spencer Kornhaber who penned the article provides a guide to the top 5 most popular Tea Party Anthems where the song produced by Franchi came in number #1.

Kornhaber writes of the Restore the Republic produced "Band of Patriots" song "Take Our Freedom Back", "It sounds like if Lynyrd Skynard cut their hair and featured pennywhistle solos."

"We wanted something that would evoke songs of old and inspire people to stand up," says Franchi on the pages of Spin Magazine. Kornhaber further clarifies Franchi's statements by pointing out the Revolutionary War as the founding inspiration for the Tea Party tune.

Three members of the "Band of Patriots", Glenn Hudson, Gary Franchi and Billy Worley stand out on a star spangled backdrop along with four other leading music figures of the Tea Party Revolution. Lisa Mei Norton, an Air Force vet who came in at number two and sang "A Revolution is Brewing".  Steve Vaus, a.k.a. Buck Howdy, came in third place with "We Must Take America Back". Nashville's Brion Butterbaugh who was inspired by Rick Santelli's now famous statements on CNBC in 2009 rounded out 4th place with "It's Time to Party". The self-described "proud black conservative" Lloyd Marcus, took fifth place with his song "American Tea Party Anthem".

When asked about the recent spotlight on the dedication of the "Band of Patriots" Franchi stated, "We're moving in fast, and we're going to take our freedom back town by town, iPod by iPod. The song is free but freedom isn't. Those who came before us paid a price so we could sing songs like this and I'll be damned before the 'War on Terror' is turned into the 'War on Liberty.'" Franchi's statements were made in light of the recent advisory, by security industry professionals to DHS, to raise the Terror Alert in response to the public outcry against the health care bill.

He continued, "This song is the anthem we march behind on the front lines of the new revolution and we're crossing over into popular culture thanks to Spin Magazine."

The "Band of Patriots" are:
Glenn Hudson - Songwriter, Lead Singer, Guitars, Vocals.
Billy Worley - Songwriter, Lead Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals.
Gary Franchi - Lyricist, Poet, Video Director, Producer.
Bito Cruz - Guitars
Berto Gonzalez - Drums

Spin Magazine enjoys a monthly circulation volume of 462,000 and an audience of 1.8 million. Spin Magazine Online traffic reaches 4.2 million unique visitors and 48 million monthly page views.

Restore the Republic was co-founded by the late producer Aaron Russo who managed Bette Midler and is credited for booking Led Zepplin's first American gig at the famous Chicago hot spot the Kinetic Playground.

The music video of the "Band of Patriots" single, "Take Our Freedom Back" can be seen and downloaded in MP3 format at http://BandOfPatriots.US
# # #, 3149 Dundee Rd #176, Northbrook, Illinois 60062, USA

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