Thursday, March 25, 2010

Does it scale?

I went to a meeting about afterschool activities in Pittsburgh the other day.

By the way, another open informational meeting will be held for all and any afterschool providers on Friday, tomorrow, at 9 am (to 10) on the South Side on Sarah Street at the Brashear Association, right next to Phillips Elementary School. Join me there if you can.

There are lots of questions and issues that swirl around the whole concept of afterschool and getting the best for our kids -- while they are in school and out of it.

One of the questions was about scaling programs.

I look at swimming as an afterschool activity that scales -- and I don't mean like the skin of a fish either. Rather, we need to teach swimming to kids of all ages and even can have masters (adults) swimming. Plus, we can have and should have swim lessons at all our city pools -- in the schools. I want to lead a learn to swim enterprise that teaches swimming from the east end to the west end -- and all the places in between.

Here is another way to look at scales in a fun light.

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