Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rand Paul Money Bomb due on March 23, writes Ron Paul

Dear Supporter,
My son Rand is taking on the Establishment in an epic fight to represent Kentucky in the United States Senate.
And, he is winning!
The DC insiders have tried to stack the deck for his career politician opponent. They have held inside-the-beltway, thousand dollar a plate fundraisers and lined up support from Senators who voted for the TARP Funds and Bank Bailouts. They have viciously attacked him and lied about his positions. They have even organized dirty push polling calls against Rand, a tactic that is underhanded at best, and in many cases, illegal.
But with your help, Rand has fought back. On August 20, you helped Rand raise $440,000 online in one day. This tremendous show of support shot Rand up in the polls and showed he was a force to be reckoned with. On December 16, the grassroots once again came together to raise $250,000 for Rand on the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. You propelled Rand into the lead!
The most recent poll shows Rand up 15 points. He is running a tremendous campaign and has a plan that will win his primary, which is just 70 short days away. But, he needs your help now more than ever!
On Tuesday, March 23, the anniversary of Founding Father Patrick Henry's famous speech, "Give me Liberty, or Give me Death," the grassroots will throw another Money Bomb. Your generous support on March 23 is crucial. A strong showing of $500,000 will fully fund Rand's campaign plan and allow him to do all of the radio, television, mail and voter contact it will take to ensure victory down the stretch.
Your support will be the knock-out shot against the career politicians who are running our country into the ground. We have a chance to elect the strongest Constitutional Conservative and defender of Liberty the United States Senate has seen in a generation. But we need to stand together on March 23.
I hope you will join us on Tuesday, March 23 as we push Rand to victory. Please visit for more information or to make your contribution.
In Liberty,

Ron Paul

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