Wednesday, March 10, 2010

BMX kills trees! OMG.

Last night I attened a meeting with the South Side Slopes Association and heard a series of lies such as, "BMX kills trees." The meeting was concerning the South Side Park -- a dead space of sorts. It is home to the city's other condemded indoor ice rink.

I learned a little and shook my head a lot.

Bottom line, Bruce Kraus went way out on a limb and said he'd promise to tear down the now hazzard building that once was an ice rink on the South Side. That's progressive leadership. Weee! But, the G-20 protestors might get there first and fix it so the city demo crew has to rush, rush, rush.

With tin snips and a hammer and some duck tape, the scraps from the medal building could be put to a green re-use so as to be the shell of a bob sled and luge course that cuts through the 65 acres vertical drop site.

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