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String Fever is Mounting!

Time to start making summer plans.  This camp keeps getting better and better.  Plenty of info here and on the site but I would be happy to answer any questions you have.  Hope to see you there.

Steven Vance
Extreme Strings Orchestra

We just keep adding more ...


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We are looking forward to sharing a vast array of playing and learning opportunities with you as we celebrate our sixth anniversary!

  • NEW this summer: The SWB raffle on Friday, July 2nd! Prizes will include a 10% discount from the Electric Violin Shop with free shipping and two Knilling-Glasser Braided Carbon Fiber bows (violin and cello) from the Knilling catalogue ...
  • Yamaha Strings is now an SWB partner
  • Win a free set of Helicore strings by D'Addario if you are one of the first twelve registrants.
  • Do you have or know of an alternative styles string group that's looking for a performance venue? Contact Julie Lyonn Lieberman to discuss performing on July 2nd, early afternoon, at SWB.
  • TEACHERS: Bring four students and get free tuition to attend the teacher training or any classes you choose! (Room and board not included.) 

    NEW this year:Share the wealth! Two one-hour "Student Tune Labs." This is when YOU get to teach tunes and licks from your favorite style to SWB participants.

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Strings Without Boundaries at ZAZZLE 

Our spicy summer program is open to string players of all ages and levels. We open with a festive participatory session on Sunday evening, June 27th and will end Friday evening, July 2nd with an awesome participant concert!

Our faculty will include world-renowned fiddler Richard Greene (American fiddle styles) author and jazz violinist Martin Norgaard (jazz styles), improvising cellist and composer Matt Turner(rock styles), and improvising violinist/author/composer, Julie Lyonn Lieberman (Blues From Around the World). 

Our incredible teaching faculty will include newcomer Vicki Richards (premiere performer/educator in East Indian string techniques and repertoire), Steven Vance (Extreme Strings), Jan Farrar Royce,(author/educator) and Mary Ann Willis (author, Gypsy and Eastern European styles).

A camp for all ages, levels, and styles ...

Richard Greene ...

One of America's most influential fiddlers - certainly one of the giants of modern fiddling, with Richard Greene you get the complete Bluegrass fiddle package: great technique, daring invention, sensitivity to the music's inner soul and a fiery presentation. - Bluegrass Unlimited

Matt Turner ... 

Turner's capabilities on the cello are remarkable, from percussive African riffs to gossamer melodies. - Hollis Taylor, Fiddler Magazine
Martin Norgaard ... 

What Norgaard does best is, in a word, balance. He is a player, and he is a teacher. We don't always find the two combining so efficiently. - Fiddler Magazine
Julie Lyonn Lieberman ...

Innovative jazz violinist/vocalist Julie Lyonn Lieberman is striking out into new territory once again, taking fellow string players on a global odyssey...Lieberman has always been a step ahead of the curve. - Fiddler Magazine

What distinguishes our summer session?

Our faculty is composed of professional performers who are also renowned educators, composers, and authors. This translates into awesome playing in combination with excellent communication skills: we know how to impart techniques and styles in an organized, clear fashion.

This year, some of the electives offered, include: 
Gypsy, Eastern European, East Indian, Arabic Taqsim, and Celtic styles; practice techniques; amplification techniques; jazz theory; Gypsy jazz; small group improv; electronic instruments; how to choose and set up a sound system; marketing and entrepreneurship; and much, much more.

  • In addition to teaching repertoire from dozens of styles, we focus on ensemble-oriented classes. Players are encouraged to solo, to interact with one another, and to learn the repertoire through a comprehensive, global approach: style-appropriate techniques, melody, harmony, rhythm & groove, bass lines, and counterpoint. Our group classes maintain a feeling of connection between the students.
  • Now in our fourth year, our program was the first in the world to offer an Eclectic Styles Teacher Training Program
  • After the opening faculty concert on Monday night, we offer a jam session in a different style each night.
  • We welcome students aged 11 through 100+ and do not separate by age group, but rather by level because we believe that all ages have something to contribute to one another. We endeavor to create a family feel that is comfortable and honors the talents of every individual.


About Vicki Richards ... Completely original, totally captivating, a startling journey through North Indian, Far Eastern and modern melodic styles, wrapped in mesmerizing layers of rhythm and harmony... raging solos...majestic, delicate.  - Jazz Times 

About Mary Ann Willis ... If the sound of a wild Gypsy violin moves your spirit, Mary Ann [Willis] Harbar's Gypsy violin is a great place to learn...We could certainly use a few more fiddlers out there who can play with Harbar's skill and spirit. Fortunately, she's willing to teach us how. - Tom Knapp, editor


Eclectic Styles Teacher Training  -- the first in the world -- offers an In-Depth Experience

Julie Lyonn Lieberman started the eclectic styles teacher training four summers ago to help support string teachers in offering a stylistically inclusive approach to their students.

After close to thirty years conducting teacher training through MEA and ASTA chapters as well as in-school residencies across the country, she had already been on a crusade to teach American students about their own country's string music, as well as world styles. She saw first-hand the need for a central training facility that could help string teachers compensate for a lack of stylistically inclusive training in their own backgrounds. Four years ago, Strings Without Boundaries provided her with the support she needed to launch a teacher training program.
The Eclectic Styles Teacher Training Program at Strings Without Boundaries will provide you with right- and left-hand techniques to sound style-appropriate, five approaches to improvisation, and an overview of American vernacular and world styles -- all in a safe, comfortable setting. Sessions will include American fiddle styles with Jan Farrar Royce, jazz styles with Martin Norgaard and much, much more. Download your free Alternative Styles Teacher Manual! You can purchase a copy of the text for the course, Alternative Strings: The New Curriculum, on

At SWB, we recognize that every classroom in America is different. We focus on helping you develop the skills necessary to create a unique and malleable stylistically inclusive learning environment for your students. Our teacher training will answer the most common questions, like:

  • Why do I still sound classical when I try to play other styles?
  • How do I choose from so many different styles?
  • How can I teach something that I have little or no background in?
  • What is the best way to organize an eclectic styles lesson plan?
  • What do I need to learn on my instrument that will help my students?
  • How can I justify appropriating time for improvisation or other styles when I hardly have enough time as it is?

and much, much more.

Julie will demonstrate what she calls a "music without boundaries" approach that applies learning techniques from around the world to any style of music. This approach prepares the student for all styles.

Graduate and Act 48 (continuing ed.) credits are available for teachers who participate in these sessions or any aspect of the week. For more information, email Chris Bromley 

Julie Lyonn Lieberman can help you incorporate new approaches into your curriculum better than anyone I know. 
- Roberta Guaspari-Tzavaras, Artistic Director, Opus 118 Harlem Center for Strings; inspiration for the Academy Award-nominated movie,Music of the Heart. 

Lieberman, already the consummate performer, composer, and educator, [is] an undeniably intelligent, perceptive and articulate individual well ahead of the curve in string music education... 
- J.F.R., American String Teacher.

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Program Director: Stephen Benham 
Artistic Director: Julie Lyonn Lieberman 
Program Founder: Roy Sonne

For questions regarding registration (including course credit) and housing, please contact Christopher Bromley: 412-396-6083 or

For other questions regarding the camp, contact Stephen Benham: 412-396-1887
Phone: 412-396-6083 re: registration and housing
Strings Without Boundaries | Duquesne University 600 Forbes Avenue | Pittsburgh | PA | US | 15282

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