Friday, March 05, 2010

With Open 311, the White House is Like That Friendly Guy at the Code Jam | techPresident

311 is in the news again on two different ways.
With Open 311, the White House is Like That Friendly Guy at the Code Jam | techPresident: "We mentioned yesterday that White House CIO Vivek Kundra winged his way out to San Francisco to stand beside that city's mayor Gavin Newsom and discuss an Open 311 API, but it's well worth going into more detail on what yesterday's event signified."
The other bit of news that hit recently was that the 311 system in Pittsburgh is known for its hang ups. Lots of people call and are put on hold and finally hang up. I've hung up a lot. There is a lot of delay in getting to the operators. There is some branding and hype from the Mayor's office, IMHO.

Flashback. I helped get 311 to Pittsburgh and was the first to promote it as a candidate. The P-G wrote about it. Bob O'Connor read it and it was put into motion.

I also am waiting for Reverse 9-1-1 to come about too. With Reverse 911 the authorities can make an outward bound call to warn residents. Could be a train derailed, a gas leak, a jail break, a lockdown, etc. The city has not done anything on that front -- yet. Anyone reading????

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