Sunday, March 21, 2010

Anonymous Bloggers get blasted on P-G's front page

Perhaps there would not be a need for so many anonymous bloggers if the watchdog media was really doing its job. The media has a critical role to play in our free and open society. Too often the fumble, sadly.

The school superintendent's cronyism should nor be talked about only in faceless and nameless blogs -- as per the example in the P-G article. But I fail to remember any such article about any high raking official in any newpaper. So, blog away folks. And think for yourself as you both read and write.

I am sure that those in power would love nothing more than to contol all the power and communication streams.

By the way, in PPS with the superintendent, our issues are not with cronyism, exactly. Other ills, still untold, by the media, exist. Plus, a great deal of the blogging happens with folks who sign their words to their names.

I don't favor the anonymous, nor do I ever play in that space -- but -- I do defend it. Their freedom and mine are linked. We all should care, as we should all be careful with our words.
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