Thursday, June 03, 2010

Kraus and City Council want to spend $250,000 on a parking study

They want to spend $250,000 on a parking study. Golly.

My councilman, Bruce Kraus, Mr. Folly himself, was quoted on the air on KDKA radio saying, "This is the most important decision city council is going to make all year." Furthermore, he said he wants to be sure that council does all its homework.


No. That isn't true. City council wants to pay others to do its homework. I would have no problem if city council did the homework. The heavy lifting of what to do and why and how is NOT being done with city council as they are buying it from consultants -- at the price of $250,000.

Do it yourself.

We hired those on city council -- or more to the point -- we elected them. We want them to do the job. They should be the consultants. They should roll up their sleves and put on their thinking caps. They should burn the midnight oil and figure it out -- without burning big bucks on a consultant.

Where is the bid for that job, by the way?

Is this pay for play too?

Here is what city council and the mayor should do with the parking garages. Sell them. Sell them over the course of a few years so the value does not crash out of them by flooding the market.

Don't lease the garages -- sell them. Get the cash and make the cash as much as possible.

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