Thursday, June 03, 2010

More Kraus -- well -- more folly

The drinking game for Kruas begins with the word, "mix."
"Mr. Kraus said one of the things he hopes to accomplish is to 'remove himself from the mix' and to have the experts explain how a proactive approach can be good for everyone. He says he often hears that all the problems in South Side could be solved with more police.

'Once we’ve had a police officer introduced into the mix, it’s already too late,' the councilman says. He believes by incorporating the RHI principles it will greatly reduce the number of incidents in the neighborhood. 'It’s not about punishment or enforcement, it’s about behavior.'"
Bruce Kraus is a member of Pittsburgh City Council. He wants to be in charge of everyone's behavior. It is about behavior so he thinks. His behavior?

It is NOT about behavior Mr. Kraus. Not for you. Never.

As a member of city council, keep your nose out of the behavior of everyone else.

Council has a job to do. Mr. Kraus is clueless as to that job. That's why they have to buy thinking from consultants for $250,000 for PARKING.

The job of city council is to uphold the constitution. When and if behaviors are clashing with the rights of others, then it is time to act.

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