Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Fire Response Time on Ballot - show for PCTV?

So, the firefighters got a petition together and a question seems to be on the ballot for November's election. Well done. I love it when issues are put to the people for a vote. Democracy (with a small "d") rules.

A pending idea is floated at S6, my special events sub-site. Read it there and react if you can.



Anonymous said...

Fire fraud, a PG editorial on Aug 5.

The PG gives the firefighters union a "F" for trying to wrest control of the city budget away from an elected mayor and council. But, the PG editors need to realize that it was the Mayor who gave the keys of the city to the firefighters to win his seat for the third time. And, it was the mayor who was doing back flips when the city was called 'distressed.' The mayor was happy to sidestep his duties on many instances.

Furthermore, the PG editors state that it is safe to say that most of the signatories haven't a clue... Talking down to the readers? Perhaps the writers and editors of the PG could do its watchdog duties and use some of the ink and paper to educate the citizens of Pittsburgh about these finer points of NFPA code.

While the firefighters are called victims of their own success (good at fighting fires) it seems to me that the PG is a victim of its own failures. As Pittsburgh shrinks, the PG can take its share of the credit. As voters deal with civic issues in clueless ways, the PG gets more credit.


Anonymous said...

PG Headline: Udin, firefighters face off at meeting

"... Udin asked them not to speak."

Sala acts like the We Have Board --- to silence discussions.