Friday, August 13, 2004

Lump Camp takes another holiday

The summer's schedule has been full of highs and lows -- by design. We've come to perfect the concept of LUMP CAMP. Simply put, lump camp is when you sit around and do nothing. Act like a lump.

For me, lump camp means fussing on the web, writting, reading, playing, going to the park with the kids. Even going swimming is a bit beyond the true spirit of lump camp. We will get to Ream Pool one of these days.

For the boys, they get to play. And, as a special twist, about three weeks ago we put in a new rule. No TV. We unplugged the boob tube. It isn't going back unless we are watching the Olympics.

Today, as the photo show, we had a rebel with crafts in our midst, an out-of-town relative. Foiled.

So, the plan calls for some really easy days because there rest of the summer has been full of wild adventures and travels.

  • We went to China for five weeks.

  • Then to DC and played basketball on the mall with the Harlem Globetrotters.

  • Two weeks of scholars camp for Erik.

  • Music camp for a week for half-days.

  • A trip to Chicago, staying at Hamburger University.

  • Three days at Kenyon College for Summer Insititute, a church camp.

  • A week at Virginia Tech for SUUSI, our favorite summer church camp.

  • Five days in eastern PA at a state park for a family reunion, saying at the Weisel Hostel.

  • Zoo camp for a half-day for both boys.

  • Trip to Maine and Boston.

  • Trip to Montana, yet to occur.

  • Time will tell if I get all of these photos online.

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