Tuesday, August 31, 2004

UN-democratic Democrats

Trib article
Tom Murphy is fighting to keep a question off of the ballot. He and his type don't want the citizens to make choices. The opinions and methods of self-determination -- yet alone the voice of the people -- seem to be meaningless to him.
On Monday, the city's leaders formally appealed a Common Pleas Court decision that allowed a union referendum on the Nov. 2 ballot. Murphy administration lawyers contended the referendum would violate the Act 47 plan, but Judge Eugene Strassburger ruled the city can only challenge the response times if and when voters approve the ballot question.

Firefighters' union attorney, Josh Bloom, said Murphy is trying "to find a loophole to gag the people's right to be heard on the matter of public safety."
The firefighters put their muscle behind efforts with signature collection. They have the "RIGHT" to get a ballot question before the people on election day. The move by the mayor to go to the courts is classic. He and the others who are in leadership roles don't want to be democratic. They don't act like Americans.

As for the question and the issue --- I'm not sure yet what to say. Research is needed. But, an appeal is still looming. In a certain way it makes sense to follow the story of supression now while there is still an a hope to foil the election day choices for the voters. But, once the appeal is resolved -- then it is due time to see the article on all the sides of the question and cover the issue as watchdogs should.

In other news, county executive, Dan O, (Dem) is locking horns with another Dem, County Council's Rich F. This is a power grab. They struggle for authority. Various roles from the different branches of government have been established for a reason. I don't need to see uncooperativeness going to the courts.

The county executive has a role. The county council has a role. The roles are not alike. The rules are clearly written and esablished. If there is some wiggle room -- work it out like leaders should. Don't sue each other. Fix the problem.

Leaders who can't lead -- should leave. Or, bicker. Go to court. Then welcome to the private sector on the next election day.

When Dems are undemocratic and when Dems are running to the courts at such frequent intervals -- then it is time for all the Dems in this city to "think again."

We can't reach our potential as a region when our dems in the executive office can't get along with the other dems in the other branch. Tom Murphy vetoed an 8-1 vote yesterday concerning the ICA agreement. Lead -- don't lurk and just suprise and bring suits. He is hopeless, and he can't lead -- rather -- LEAVE.


Anonymous said...

Dem's are fighting to get Nader off of the ballot. Dem's are scared of democracy.

Anonymous said...

Once our ballot access work has been completed, we will be able to concentrate a lot more of our effort on campaigning against Bush and Kerry. As my wife says, "Ballot access requirements are draconian and prohibitive - it is like running twenty miles just to get to the marathon."

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