Saturday, August 21, 2004

Water Polo -- shooting at the keeper

The Russian goalie seemed to be a target of the US men's squad in Saturday's action at the Olympic aquatic venue. The shots from the US side were not crisp. Aim for the back of the net!

I was able to work with Coach Monte Nitzkowski as he authored a book text book, US Tactical Water Polo, published in 1994 by my indie, small press. I gave away more books on water polo in PA than we sold here.

From the bio link above, you can get two sections of the book in PDFs: the first 24 pages, 158k, and chapter 5, (pages 119 to 180), 365k.

Notice the work with fonts and the technical delivery with the publishing elements within the book. Polo has plenty of Xs and Os to describe, (i.e., hole defender, etc.). Every graphic and every statement in that 375 page book was reworked in these efforts. Even as publisher I've had some amazing fan mail from readers of that book from around the world. One coach read the book three times, start to finish, and took his team from last to first place in one season. This book was and is the best ever for the sport of polo.

We do need to get more and more into water polo in western PA. This winter the kids at Fox C. played some polo and we injected it into one AM practice per week in November and December. Plus, we had a join polo practice around Christmas with Carrlington HS. Back in the early 90s as I was working on the book and coaching at Plum HS, we started polo and played 2 nights per week. One night was for older folks and was co-ed. Great fun.

WPIAL or city HS swim coaches wishing to have a dedicated session or three on water polo, any time of the year, give me a call and I'll come out with the balls, caps, and understanding of the game to lead a mini-clinic.

The NA HS coach, Mr. C.S., credits water polo for great advancements to the overall swim program's performance. The NA girls team went to states last fall.

Highland Park Pool is a great place for water polo. The deep end is perfect.

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