Saturday, August 21, 2004

USA Basketball Team -- shoots a brick in first game

The first game, and the first basketball competition -- the Dream Team -- shot a brick. It was an upset as historic as it was inevitable, reported Sports Illustrated. Beaten soundly, dominated. Now it is time to "bounce back."

Puerto Rico, homeland of a Pittsburgh hero, Roberto Clemente, is much like a 52nd state. So, the sting of loss might be easier to shrug away.

Great PG article about the Clemente Sports City Dream is a great read.

What will be reported in Pittsburgh and around the nation when the mayor's office goes to someone who is not of the old-school democrats' clan? Historic, inevitable?

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Does Tom Murphy have the swagger in political circles that matches that of the NBA stars in an Olympic Games?
Trivia quiz: the mason artwork appears on the side of the building. What one? Where?


The USA squad was 2-2 in pool play and US players still expected to win the gold medal. Meanwhile, parties broke out in the streets in Lithuania. The US squad (if you can call them a team) departed Athens in the semi-final round. Argentina deserved to win.

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