Friday, August 20, 2004

Old news for clarity - bio notes for Mark Rauterkus

Old article: "Mark Rauterkus, a South Side resident and former swimming coach, also has stated he will run for mayor.

Since the record has been wrong before, here is a refresher on some facts that the journalists often miss.

stay-at-home father, registered Republican, not sure about running as a Republican (again), but certain to not run as a Dem, two sons.

'We need new direction from Grant Street. We don't have a holistic approach to our leadership,' Rauterkus said.

Grad of Ohio University (not OSU) with a degree in journalism and went to grad school (no master's degree earned) in physical education at Baylor University.

Rauterkus has worked several years as a swimming coach and instructor. He has coached at Green Tree, Canon-McMillan High School, Plum High School, Fox Chapel Area High School, and New Trier Swim Club in Illinois.

My birth: May, 1959, year of the rooster!

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