Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Wishing again for a MN political landscape

Those open-minded folks in MN are at it again, freethinkers making their points, based upon what and how one thinks -- not based upon a lockstep of mental numbness and norms established by some conformity.

St. Paul Mayor Randy Kelly (a DEMOCRAT) Endorses President Bush

snips of news... St. Paul, MN -- In a remarkable show of support, St. Paul Mayor, Randy Kelly announced his endorsement for the re-election of Bush-Cheney.

Democrat Senator Zell Miller (D-GA) stated, "I am really pleased Mayor Randy Kelly has joined me in the effort to re-elect George W. Bush. Mayor Kelly knows, as I do, that George W. Bush represents the values of America's heartland. President Bush is a man Democrats and all Americans can rely on to stand by his commitments to fight terrorism and support our troops. The President is also making sure that working people keep more of their hard earned money and send their kids to schools that give every child a good start in life. These are values that my fellow Democrats and all Americans can support."

"Mayor Kelly today again proved what I have long known: he is a fine man, whose first priority is not partisanship, but the wellbeing of St. Paul and the entire nation. Mayor Kelly recognizes that jobs are being created and that tax cuts have stimulated that job growth. He has done the same for St. Paul. He also understands that we are engaged in a war on terror and now is not the time to change horses in mid-stream. The mayor has never been afraid to reach across party lines to get things done. I applaud him for following his conscience and his concrete convictions. This is bipartisanship at its finest,” stated Bush-Cheney '04 Minnesota Campaign Co-Chair Senator Norm Coleman.

Kelly concluded, "With just over 90 days left before the election I feel extremely confident that the message, priorities, and policies of President George W. Bush will better serve America and the people of Minnesota over the next four years."

The point of this story is to show that people elsewhere break ranks. People in power, even mayors, can endorse candidates of other parties. In Pittsburgh, we are too old school. In Pittsburgh, our "lockstep style" is a turn off. In Pittsburgh, those who break ranks are forced to vote with their feet and leave town. Pittsburgh is half of what it was because of the culture that demands lockstep actions. As we shrink in our freedoms and are held back by past anchors, our local dispair will sustain.

What elected DEM in the city would endorse a Republican?

The conventional wisdom and standing joke is that the devil himself could get 100-percent support and endorsements with local Dems. Could that be true? I have heard variations on the same story many time on the streets in Pittsburgh.

However, it was very interesting to note that Al Fondy of the Teachers Union passed an endorsement of Senator Spector, R, -- for re-election of his umpteenth term with a huge campaign war-chest. How can that be explained? Perhaps it is don't back the looser? Perhaps it is don't buck the establishment?

On the flip side, there are a number of GOPers who would and do endorse Dems. Jim Roddey won't help a Republican candidate. Western PA's Barbara H supported the Dem for PA Gov. while she was holding state office as a Republican.

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