Thursday, August 19, 2004

Mike, I guess my "under the radar approach" is working

Mike Seate's column

If you'd really like to talk about the Mayor's race, in a serious way, then let me know. I'd be glad to meet with you.

Four years ago, I announced my intention to run for the office of Mayor, around August 22. Throughout the next four months, I worked and attended more than 100 community meetings / interactions. This sechedule included time at Three Rivers Stadium, gate C, prior to a STEELER Game, with a Trib photographer there on assignment. Nothing ever ran in the newspapers despite repeated calls to the Trib editors.

On New Year's Day, 2001, Josh P., then 18, sent out an email press release saying he was running for Mayor. Josh and I had met and talked on a few instances and with other issues. Both of us helped the Greens in 2000.

Starting then, I got to ride Josh's coat tails in terms of getting coverage from the Pittsburgh media outlets.

More Trib coverage was spent on coverage of those NOT running for mayor than the individuals and issues who spoke with positive actions and real solution discussions.

The illustration of captain and a sinking ship fits. Well done there.

The "I told you so" gang -- however -- was more with fellow naysayers and less to do with Doug Shields and Bob O'Connor, guys who have been on the watch for many turns in the downward spirals.

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