Saturday, August 14, 2004

Pittsburgh's Marathon Dies

Marathon article in the Post-Gazette with "post-it comments" from Mark Rauterkus

Our marathon-running Mayor, Tom Murphy, is at the helm of the city as the Pittsburgh Marathon dies. He can't advance his own agenda, yet alone now, run in a marathon in a city that he claims as his primary residence.

I have plenty to say about the Marathon in Pittsburgh.

In the end, once we establish a new Pittsburgh Park District, we'd be much better along.

Furthermore, when I'm mayor, I'd re-establish the Pittsburgh Marathon -- but do it in a much different manner and style. There is no way we should spend $1-million to host a marathon.

The Marathon saga, woven with the Great Race, makes another great example of the lack of cooperation from the administration, the lack of creativity, and fumbles of leadership.

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