Thursday, August 05, 2004

To Few Olympians in Western PA

To few -- PG Article

We have two in Athens. That is a sad statement for both the region and city. In 2000, we had five. We should have dozens.

Create Literate Olympians Here

I don't agree with Dejan, the writer, that we have "an abundant, varied selection of athletic programs at the formative levels and beyond." We are failing our kids, ourselves and our stretches to world-wide performances.

Perhaps those that are closest to the issue who struggle for a definitive answer are fooling themselves.

Pitt has a rising NCAA Division I program, but it lacks a track that can host a meet. Finishing in the middle of the pack in the Big East and fielding Olympian are not so similar. Good point to make that NONE on Pitt's track team come from the city league.

One city league facility, South Stadium, has a track. But, there isn't a program there that uses the facility. And, no public uses occurs at the stadium. If we have facilities and no access -- we don't have facilities. Just as with the Rec Centers. They are there -- but not open. So, first things first.

Yes, we do have some problems within the coaching ranks in the region too. You can't expect coaches to flourish when given so many challenges that have nothing to do with the athletes and the sports challenges.

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