Monday, August 30, 2004

Heart breakers and silver liners

Lauryn Williams, you go girl. The silver medal was a fantastic. The heart breaking part of the story is that she will return to Miami -- the city she now calls home.

Do get that degree in finance. By all means, graduate. Sadly, here it is again. Our most talented youth must leave Pittsburgh to flourish. Our regional brain and talent drain is still a big monkey on our backs.

This issue, the youthful exit from the Pittsburgh region, ranks high among all issues. Our debt is high too. And, the fact that our latest fixes are lame (tunnel under the Allegheny River for light-rail service to the lower North Side) compounds the steepness of the climb ahead.

but the linkage can't be ignored. The youth are going to leave when the debt soars. Debt is but a burden on today's youth. And, let's fix matters today by giving the shaft to the kids of today -- by closing recreation centers and swim pools.

The kids are getting more than zilch. They are getting the debt and the closed door treatments.

L.W. speaking about the 2005 World Championships is quoted to have said, "It's going to be great," she said. "I can't wait." All in due time. Great athletes excel in the management of time, space and relationships.

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