Wednesday, August 04, 2004

US Senate Race goes five ways -- it seems??

PG article

Thanks for doing the whole story in the story of Specter and Hoeffel debates. Seems that the two men are going to have two debates. But, the race is larger than just a D and R. I'm glad you, Jeffrey Cohan, and the PG made mention of Jay Russel of the Libertarians.

But, the Constitution and Reform parties made a submission of signatures to get candidates on the ballot -- but -- what are the names of these men and/or women?

Please cover the entire story. Our democracy (small "d") depends on the watchdogs doing their jobs to the fullest.

And, when are we going to hear about others beyond Nader who have gotten onto the ballot for the President? I've asked Tom Barnes -- and don't have a reply yet.

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