Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Football Fumbles with City League out of sync with WPIAL

My rant is a follow up to the call to merge with City League with the WPIAL and the spledid story in the Trib.

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Anonymous said...

This is about the recruiting talk in the WPIAL recently: Actually, the PIAA and WPIAL should be investigating football players living in the City of Pittsburgh recruited out to play in the eastern suburbs. I knew a youth coach last year in the City that was looking over rosters of teams like Gateway, Woodland Hills, Penn Hills and Central. He said it was unreal how many kids he knew that still lived in the City, but played elsewhere. It is getting even worse, recruiting wise. Central Cath olic is nabbing every talented city player around with scholarships. Then Gateway's Terry Smith-he is terrible for the high school football landscape. I guarantee he was one of the coaches that was calling to try and land the TE from New York. I heard their is an apartment building involved to lure players. I was told by a relative of T. Smith that during last year's Pitt Blue/Gold game he was wooing a current Perry player on the sidelines with a place to stay and more. I won't mention the players name. Do you really think all these D-1 players are all of a sudden growing on trees in Monroeville? Woodland Hills is no saint either, they do it as well. I don't have a problem if a family wants to move to a district for athletics. The problem I have is doing illegally. By the family or the real disgusting one which is the high school coaches going out of their school district to steal players. I just think it is getting worse and action has to be taken. Thanks for reading my rant!