Friday, August 13, 2004

New Jersey: Former Jersey City Mayor Bret Schundler

The resignation sets the stage for a shift of focus in the Garden State. There is still more limelight to be given to the to scandals of the outgoing Governor. However, the questions of who will be the next elected governor become more pressing.

I'm pulling for the former Jersey City Mayor, Bret Schundler. Bret, a Republican and fiscal conservative, won my attention as he was a mayor in a town that was overwhelmed with Dems. The landscape in Jersey City is even worse than what we face in Pittsburgh. One party rule was everywhere. Corruption came with that there as well.

Bret's story is one that Pittsburghers should study. Bret will be running for the head spot in NJ as Pittsburgh seeks its way in the 2005 mayors race. So, we share a common time-line.

Big events often happen in sets of three. Resignations happened with governors in CT and NJ. The third could be, in our wildest hope, that of Tom Murphy, mayor of Pittsburgh.

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Anonymous said...

In light of the ways Jim McGreevey mis-used the powers of his office, it should not be his choice who leads New Jersey over the next year-and-a-half. That choice should belong to the people.

For this reason, I and other Republican leaders have been calling upon Jim McGreevey to leave office IMMEDIATELY.

I believe a huge majority of New Jerseyans feel that he should step down now, too.

McGreevey has been turning a deaf ear to the people, just as he did throughout his tenure when the people demanded that he pass serious anti-corruption reforms.

But there is one way that we may still be able to get McGreevey to listen . . .

And that is by publicizing the mantra: "IF MCGREEVEY DOESN'T STEP DOWN NOW, VOTE REPUBLICAN!"

If we publicize this mantra, and polls show our message having an effect on the outcome of a number of New Jersey elections this November, then the pressure will build in the Democratic Party for Jim McGreevey to leave office now.

So please consider writing letters to the editors of several New Jersey newspapers, or alternatively, calling in to several New Jersey talk radio stations.

Use your voice to encourage your Democrat and Independent neighbors to commit themselves to vote Republican if Jim McGreevey does not step down in time for voters to be able to choose his successor...

We may still be able to win this battle!

Bret Schundler,