Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Aviary asks state to help feather much larger nest

Stanley and Grant.

We love the aviary. Love it. But here comes some tough love advice.
Aviary asks state to help feather much larger nest The aviary is not releasing details of the proposed expansion until it is known how much funding the state might provide. The capital campaign pitch to the public will begin after state officials make a funding decision, she said. Ground breaking could be as early as spring.
Heard enough.

Don't put plans under a basket and release them only in Harrisburg. That is like putting your head in the sand.

You can't be afraid to ruffle some feathers by releasing plans and hopes to the public, the taxpayers, the neighborhood activist -- FIRST. Don't run to Harrisburg first.


Anonymous said...

News elsewhere:
Singing parrot riles Legislature

HARRISBURG, Pa., Oct. 27 (UPI) -- A singing parrot in the Pennsylvania Legislature irked the nerves of a key state senator, setting off a dispute with the lieutenant governor.

Groucho, a singing Amazon parrot from the National Aviary in Pittsburgh, was invited, along with Patrick the Penguin, to add color to debate over funding for the bird park, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported Wednesday.

State Sen. Robert Jubelirer, the top senator in the Legislature, approved the animals' visit but publicly took issue with Lt. Gov. Catherine Baker Knoll when she allowed the bird to sing.

Jubelirer called it inappropriate and approached Knoll after the performance to tell her.

As lieutenant governor, Knoll presides over the senate.

Sen. Joseph Conti didn't know how he felt. He called the event "a surreal moment" and "a break in our traditional decorum," but hadn't formed an opinion on it.

Anonymous said...

Polly Wanna Serenade Some Senators?

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — A yellow-naped Amazon parrot sang "How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?" and "Alouette" to surprised senators.

The parrot, named Groucho, sat on a perch in a Senate visitors' balcony and sang in a warbling, croaking voice for several minutes after Lt. Gov. Catherine Baker Knoll formally recognized the bird from the National Aviary in Pittsburgh and an aviary staff member with it.

Immediately afterward, Sen. Robert C. Jubelirer, the chamber's president pro tempore, was seen scolding Knoll on the Senate floor.

Knoll's spokeswoman Johnna A. Pro said Knoll was simply recognizing the bird after Jubelirer approved the gesture.

The parrot's visit to Harrisburg with aviary staff was intended to raise awareness for World Rainforest Week and how destruction of the rainforest affects endangered species, according to a letter from Sen. Wayne Fontana to Knoll.

Fontana, Senate secretary Mark Corrigan and Pro said they were not aware of arrangements or approval for the bird to sing.

"I think there was some miscommunication," Corrigan said. "I think they were going to be introduced, and somehow they got to the point where the parrot was singing this song. I don't think there was any intention to have the parrot singing. ... I think it came as a surprise to everyone on the floor."

— Thanks to Out There reader Scott M.