Monday, October 31, 2005

He works to put Pittsburgh on high-tech map

I'm interested in hearing Bob O'Connor say anything at all. He works to put Pittsburgh on high-tech map 'To help create these industries, leaders in the city have to say, 'This is our vision for the future.'
First, let's look at that statement in terms of leader in the city. The mayor's office is one place you'd expect to find a city leader.

The mayor has ducked leadership. Last week he didn't choose to be transparent with leading a charge against the fix in the pending gambling sale. The mayor stepped to the courts to lead efforts in many cases that cost the city dearly. The mayor even stepped to Harrisburg for leadership in bailouts. Plus, the mayor rolled out the red carpet to bring in the Act 47 team and the ICA (two overlords).

So, let's look at the next leader of the city, as we all expect that next mayor, Bob O'Connor. Oh boy. I'm ranting to get Bob to say anything. His vision is self-preservation and defense. Getting on the right track isn't going to impress the high-tech sector.

Furthermore, I'm not sure Bob O'Connor knows how to spell email. I know I can't spell well, but I do know how to hit the blog's 'publish' and email's 'send' buttons.

The classic line.... "The beauty of high-tech law is that it's not pigeon-holed." Have you heard the campaign song from my CD, "Don't Put Me In a Box?"

That pigeon-holed approach is a killer for Pittsburgh. We need to 'think again.' We need to have wide perspectives. We need to speak and build relationships. We need to go beyond labels.

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