Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Pittsburgh Media Has Done It's Job With "Whack Pack"

In today's Pittsburgh Post Gazette there is a story about the "debate" among all six candidates for Pittsburgh Mayor.

First off, Les Ludwig shouldn't have been there. He's NOT on the ballot, AND he lost in the Spring. The folks who invited him to Tuesday's debate were extremely generous.

Then there's a candidate who talks exclusively about things national...and wants "to end capitalism" from the Pittsburgh landscape. Again, above and beyond acceptable levels of generosity.

Bob O'Connor, the presumptive next Mayor of Pittsburgh, did all the right things to make these candidates look even kookier: he talked about the "basics" like keeping the city clean and safe. Bob's plan is overly simplistic and in some ways naive, despite his years in office.

Joe Weinroth, the Republican candidate who on paper should be the next mayor, was in debates in the spring despite having no opposition, received similar generosity. However, Joe earned his place on the spring ballot AND fall ballot.

The media in Pittsburgh has featured all of the characters on the ballot--and with Ludwig--those who aren't. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to continue this trend.

Any future TV debates should only include candidates who could win (and truly deserve to be on the ballot)...O'Connor and Weinroth.

This mayoral race is about the future of Pittsburgh and not liberal showbiz.

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