Friday, October 28, 2005

Mayor says 'fix' is on -

Mayor says 'fix' is on - Besides the casino operator, he said, three suppliers of slots machines already have the inside track as well -- and none of them are owned by minorities or women. I think he said three vendors to the casino were already picked, not necessarily suppliers of the slot machines. It's a minor point. But, it goes to the overall trickle down with the economy. And, it plays a mighty force for reminders to the minority contractor saga.

When the construction of the stadiums and convention center was happening -- there were pass-through contracts. The minority contractor elements were a joke. And, the whistleblowers had a hard time.

Back when the entire stadium and convention center deals were being sold to the public in political circles, the black communities were promised lots of 'jobs' and 'opportunities' if they would only give support to 'the vision.' Well, the promises were broken.

Now the promise comes crashing down on those who work as ticket scalpers.

Meanwhile, ground is being cleared in downtown for the new African American Cultural Center. A picket was there yesterday. The union guys were upset as the demolition company was off contract.

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