Sunday, October 23, 2005

Signs still stink. Click for a bigger view of some recent sign sightings.

Click on the image and see a larger version of the same photo, as is the case with most of the photos in this blog.
Please do not spit. Sign posted in Hong Kong at Ocean Park. Perhaps it should be posted in suburban Pittsburgh for school board members to read.
Election law charges draw police attention ... Signs were erected that read 'Esterly = Higher Taxes.' A worm was crawling out of the red apple.

Mrs. Esterly is not nearly as concerned about the rotten apple implication as she is about the sign's fine print that read, 'Paid for by the candidate.'

'Obviously, I did not pay for that sign,' Mrs. Esterly said.
Please do not cross in front of bus.

Thought that the transit advocates would get a kick out of this sign. If there isn't anyone working on transit, perhaps there won't be any bus to walk in front of -- in the months to come.

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