Monday, October 24, 2005

O'Connor, Weinroth debate -

When we had a poor mayor, we needed good councilmembers to do administrative duties. Otherwise, nothing would have happened. Now, next to nothing happens. But, in an ideal world, we'll have a strong and good mayor. Hence, those on council should be legislatures. They'll write the laws (ordinances). But, it is up to the mayor and the administration to carry out the policies.
O'Connor, Weinroth debate - O'Connor wants to keep nine council members, saying neighborhood residents and businesses rely on the representation to handle local issues such as rundown streets and safety concerns. Still, O'Connor said council could cut its costs by 20 percent.

'They're the eyes and ears of the community,' he said. 'A lot of neighborhoods have been neglected. They want basic services. That councilman is on top of it.'

We've had mission creep on Grant Street for a long time. That is why we have two oversight boards.

Furthermore, the budget is set by city council -- but the mayor has been able to ignore it. Council says 'hire rat control experts and spend $x.' But no. The mayor does what he wants.

Bob is aware of how things work now. But, he's not aware of how things should operate in the future.

Bob wants to go out an 'inspect' matters in the city's neighborhoods. Well then he does not need to have nine councilmembers as his eyes and ears. What is it Bob?

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