Monday, October 31, 2005

Costume trend: Winging it in a fantasy.

Winging it.

I always look for trends and this Haloween season has one. I share the insight with you today, so you can test the theory tonight as the kids parade around the neighborhoods. And, be super safe on foot and while behind the wheel today and tonight, please!

I've seen a bunch of wings this season. We don't want any of them to show up on the front of your windshield, like a squashed bug.

Wings are 'in' for sure.

I live on the South Side and we saw a lot of tall winged figures this weekend along the streets in the wee hours too. So, it isn't just a tyke or kiddie thing. The grown ups are getting into the fantasy.

It would be nice to have wings -- just as it would be nice to see pigs fly and the city have a budget that made sense. Oh well, I better stop now. Just don't eat too much candy -- or you'll never get off the ground with those tiny wings. Lift-off.

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