Monday, October 31, 2005

Dem candidate to run against Tom Stevenson, R, for PA House


William F. Sargent will announce tomorrow his candidacy for the 42nd Legislative District in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, pledging to bring integrity, honesty and accountability to Harrisburg.

Sargent, 29, a Democrat, is a native of Mt. Lebanon and a United States Air Force Veteran, completing his active duty tour last week and has resumed Traditional Reservist status. He returned to the United States in August, 2005 after two deployments to the Middle East in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. William has been a life-long resident of the 42nd District, and he represents the fourth generation of his family to be born and raised in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania. He will run against incumbent Tom Stevenson for the seat.

"The citizens of the 42nd District, as well as the citizens of Pennsylvania, deserve responsible, effective leadership in Harrisburg that will directly impact and mprove the lives of every Pennsylvanian," Sargent said. "Professional politicians have run Harrisburg for far too long, and the time has come to make a change. As an Air Force Reservist I represented the United States as a citizen soldier, and when elected I will serve my district as a citizen legislator, not a politician. As Pennsylvanians, we are in the midst of a crippling economic crisis stemming from ever-increasing property taxes, stagnant local and national economies, a decline in manufacturing jobs, and the rising cost of energy. We can no longer afford ineffectual leadership in Harrisburg."

"We must require accountability from our legislators for their actions as our representative leaders. Some legislators in Harrisburg have failed to put their constituents' needs first. Legislators should address issues that are important to their constituents' day to day well being. As Representative for the 42nd District, I will work hard to provide residents with outstanding elementary, middle and high schools, world-class yet affordable public universities, safe streets, and reasonable property taxes."

William Sargent resides in Rosslyn Farms, Pennsylvania, with his wife and daughter. He recently returned from his second tour of duty in the Middle East as a United States Air Force Reservist for the 911th Air Wing in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania. Mr. Sargent invites citizens to find further information about his platform and his campaign at his website,

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