Thursday, October 20, 2005

Wages of greed III -

Mark Crowley, a Libertarian friend from Plum wrote, and was published as a letter to the editor:
It's commendable to see state House Speaker John Perzel delivering books and reading to the children at Beechwood Elementary School in Pittsburgh.

To further encourage reading and an appreciation for civics, perhaps we could update some popular stories for elementary school students here in Pennsylvania. A few updated titles come to mind:

The Little Limo That Could
The Lying King
Pirates of the Susquehanna
Harry Potter and the House Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter and the Unvouchered Expense
How the Leadership Stole Christmas
And for high school students:
Get a Wonderful Life
Interview With a Legislator
253 for the Money
We Know How You Voted Last Summer

There are also two new stories that everyone should read. The first,, is a lesson in how people can put aside their vast differences and work together for a better tomorrow. The second,, is a classic struggle against greed and power. These last two stories aren't finished yet. Let's hope both have happy endings.

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