Thursday, October 27, 2005

Get Out The Vote advice and pollworking advice from Tim

Unofficial Advice for Operation Clean Sweep or No to NN poll workers on Election Day, Nov 8, 2005.

I've worked the polls for several Libertarian candidates before. Here is my (Tim C's) unofficial advice.

1. Go to and download some No to Newman and Nigro flyers. Especially the one that is cut into 8 small flyers per sheet. Also a few that are an entire page, with tear-off phone numbers on the bottom.

2. Put the full sized sheets up in places like grocery stores, community bulletin boards, campus bulletin boards, on poles when no one is looking, etc. Bring thumb tacks and a good stapler. It is against the law to stick them in mailboxes, though.

3. A few of the full page NNN flyers can also be stapled or taped up at the polling place. There are somerules regarding how close to the actual polls your signs can be -- just put yours where eveyone else has theirs. Cut the llittle strips at the bottom in case anyone wants to join OCS. They can tear off the phone number instead of the entire sign.

4. Cut the ones that are eight to a page into individual mini flyers. These can be handed out at the polls. You can ask people where the best polling places are. Figure out the most convenient photocopying places too. Also the mini NNNs look better on colored paper than white. They still cost about one cent apiece since there are eight to a sheet.

5. If anyone calls or emails you, just give them this same advice. Ask them where they vote. Have them either download the NNN flyers or photocopy some of them and take them over to the volunteer.

6. When it comes to volunteers, you want to keep it simple. Have them go to their regular voting place. If they are computer literate, they can download the NNNs. If not, take them over, or have them meet you at Starbuck's, Behive, etc. They will need about 80 little ones (ten photocopied pages) and about four of the full page NNNs. You can go back inside and 'recycle' the flyers. The 80 little NNNs can be given to about 200 people.

7. Also advise them to wear comfortable shoes, take a water bottle, umbrella, and put a folding chair in your car -- there might be room to sit down outside the polling place in between voters. Repeat several times that the election is Tuesday, Nov 8th.

8. Try to figure out who will hand out mini NNN flyers and which polling place they will commit to. Make a chart of the 3-4 local polling places and the times that people will commit to. It pays to drive around to the different polling places and see how they are doing. Bring extra flyers, tape and staples in case they haven't posted any signs in the designated area. Get their cellphone numbers and give them yours, in case they have a problem. Call them on Nov 8th to remind them. Go with them if necessary and spend a few minutes with them.

9. Come up with something short and sweet to say to the voters as they enter. The old standby is "Would you like some literature, sir/maam?" But you might want to say "Defeat the Pay Raise, Vote No to Newman and Nigro" If you say that over and over, the people coming up next will hear part of it too. Just repeat it endlessly and give them a small NNN flyer. If they have questions, answer them, and say that the web site is on the little flyer. Remember to make eye contact and smile.

10. Obey the election laws. You can't stand within 15 feet of the doorway, etc in most places. For the most part, be courteous, don't block anyone's path, stand where the other political volunteers are standing, and remember that you have as much right to be there as anyone. Don't argue with those who disagree with you. Just wish them a good day and wait for the next person.

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