Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Keep city school closing plan whole, board told

Keep city school closing plan whole, board told Mr. Matthews is taking the novel step of proposing that board members vote on the plan without additions or subtractions when Mr. Roosevelt puts it before them.

I and about 40 others went to a meeting with Mark Roosevelt last night in Oakland at Frick Middle School. Great session, not like the one the prior night in Banksville -- so we were told.

The more novel idea came up in the conversations. Why not have the board vote on the plan without even reading it. They can't tinker with the plan by makng any adjustments at the board table, so is the hope of Matthews. Why not just vote it up or down based on its looks from the outside. Don't even read it -- just vote for it.
Standing tall behind a fence to deal with those who might tinker.

That would remove horse trading.

Some honeymoon!

I agree. We should not cut up the plan. Don't butcher it! Keep it whole.

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