Saturday, October 22, 2005

The other Pittsburgh mayoral candidates protest

Bob and Joe don't have a monopoly on the good ideas for fixing Pittsburgh.

A show-down will occur on Sunday morning at the TV studios as some other candidates will appear and expect to be put onto the telivision for the debates.

Furthmore, Bob O'Connor has said that he won't debate unless all the candidates are invited. Bob O'Connor knows that 100% of the people, with the lone exception of a few television executives who must not live in the city, want to see all the candidates on the debate stage. Bob knows he'll loose massive volumes of respect if he is going to debate without inclusion.

Bob wants to get a new group of people together to talk about equal opportunities for women and minorities and youth. Humm. He better walk the talk and go out of his way to appear on the public airways (TV stations get airway rights from public-controlled spectum) and be inclusive.

Furthermore, Bob O'Connor is going to get beat by Joe Weinroth in a head-to-head debate. Bob isn't good in one-on-one debates. This is why Bob wasn't mayor in 2001. Bob went on the air in 1-on-1 debates to Tom Murphy and lost the election.

Bob O'Connor would have won all the debates by a landslide in 2001 -- and would have been elected as the Democratic nominee in 2001's mayor race -- if Bob would have only insisted upon going into the five debates along with Leroy Hodge and Josh Pollock.

Bob fumbled them. We'll know in a few hours what Bob does in 2005.
2 Pittsburgh mayoral candidates protest Two candidates for Pittsburgh mayor protested their exclusion from televised debates yesterday.

Independent David Tessitor and Green Party candidate Titus North said they were not invited to debates to be taped tomorrow by PCNC and Nov. 4 by WTAE-TV. Only Democrat Bob O'Connor and Republican Joe Weinroth were invited.

Mr. Tessitor said the exclusion of candidates that are on the ballot amounts to 'silencing alternative points of view' and a 'breach of trust by the media.'

Mr. North said the media's view that small-party candidates can't win is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

All five candidates on the ballot have been invited to a debate to be taped by PCTV Channel 21 on Wednesday and untelevised forums on Tuesday and Nov. 3.

The other mayoral candidate on the Nov. 8 ballot is Jay M. Ressler of the Socialist Workers Party."

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Thomas Leturgey said...

Of course Bob O'Connor doesn't want to debate without the other candidates. Bob O'Connor doesn't want to debate AT ALL!

He wants nothing but the continued assertion by both papers that he will be Mayor in January 2006.

Bob couldn't name either any of the minor league candidates; he assuredly doesn't want to name Joe Weinroth in any way shape or form.

I'm glad that the "whack pack" will be included in one of the debates. There's no need whatsoever to give the "no idea" crowd any more free TV publicity. They have brought NOTHING to the table, and thusly haven't earned anything.