Friday, June 02, 2006

Welcome young Rain, son of an artist

Marc D, a young man who worked for me when in high school, years ago, doing some illustrations for some books, then went to S.U., moved to LA to work in the entertainment biz, got married, and now has a son, "Rain." Welcome to the world!

I guess that makes sense -- Art Festival, Rain. Artist kid's name, Rain.

His dad always wanted me to name one of my sons, "Rowdy Rauterkus." Rowdy is a great name, as in Rowdy Gains, a world class swimmer. There is a good prayer in there somewhere.

In other art news, hat tip to the Art-School Bound A.J., who got an award as the best artists in his high school. A.J. went with us to Hong Kong in the fall. He is headed to the art school in Savanah, Georgia.

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