Saturday, September 09, 2006

Baby-Faced Mayor Takes Over an Aging Pittsburgh - New York Times

Baby-Faced Mayor Takes Over an Aging Pittsburgh - New York Times
Now comes the hard part.

Luke, fear not. I don't give a flying fart what you wear to the Steelers' games. You'll get a pass on that from me.

Nice quote from fellow blogger, Carbolic Smoke Ball!

Tip: The best way to raise downtown development is to tax the land. If you tax the land -- then you reward those who build upon it. We have a dense downtown because we have had a legacy of a land tax.

We'll empty the tall buildings, get folks to move out of the city and continue the downward slide if we keep up with the recent policy of taxing the buildings and taking the burden off of the land.

A dumb public policy would reward the one who tears down a building and makes a surface parking lot.

A better public policy would be a blanket reward for those who fix up their properties.

Luke's biggest problem is NOT the uncertainty surronding him. I'd say that is Luke's biggest asset and strength.

Some say Luke would be a fool to NOT use O'Connor's playbook. I say Luke would be a fool to ONLY use O'Connor's playbook. And, if LUKE executes from O'Connor's playbook -- he'll never be able to be known as a smart leader with his own leadership style.

Luke's got the luxery of being able to build upon the O'Connor playbook and greatly expand it.

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