Wednesday, September 27, 2006

MTV Think News - Contentious Clinton Interview Lights Up Web — But Few Are Talking About Issues

Hide and seek videos at You Tube and with Fox News. Somethings are just too hot for you. Don't touch.
MTV Think News - Contentious Clinton Interview Lights Up Web — But Few Are Talking About Issues The interview was riveting television. But if you were searching YouTube for it after Monday afternoon, good luck. Clips of the contentious back-and-forth were removed from YouTube at Fox News' insistence — and even Fox News' own Web site wasn't providing an unedited version of it online as late as Tuesday morning (September 26), although the full interview was back on the Fox News site by Tuesday afternoon.

So what gives? Why bury an interview that everyone — including nearly every Fox News show that followed — is talking about?

That's what Zach Gates, 21, would like to know. The University of Pittsburgh student and webmaster of the Hanlon's Razor political blog said he got an e-mail on Monday from YouTube informing him that his two-part post of the Clinton/ Wallace interview had been taken down because the site had been informed by Fox News that it was a copyright infringement. Gates, who posted videos from CNN and MSNBC onto YouTube as well as other Fox News shows, speculated that Fox News planned to sell the interview, or buried it because of the 'smackdown' Clinton gave Wallace.

Gates said this is the first time he's seen such a concentrated effort to get a video taken off YouTube. 'If you do a search on YouTube right now you'll find thousands of clips from Fox News that go back months with tens of thousands of views,' he said on Tuesday morning. 'My concern is that by taking down the full interview, you can only see sound bites and talking heads talking about it, without context. So they're deciding without reporting.'
The interview was worthy watching.

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