Friday, September 29, 2006

The Pennsylvania Progressive: Ballot Reform

The Pennsylvania Progressive: Ballot Reform Ballot Reform

The Centre Daily Times agrees with us about the undemocratic law barring third party candidates from the ballot. This editorial calls it crazy:

In other words, a third-party candidate who collected more than 58,000 valid signatures still cannot get his name on the ballot to run for statewide office this year in Pennsylvania. That's insane.

While a loyal Democrat I'm also a democrat. I believe in democracy, with all its faults. I believe a candidate who gets 20,000 petition signatures as Russ Diamond did should be on the ballot. A man like Carl Romanelli who has 58,000 valid signatures being thrown off the balot is insane, as the editorial board at the State College paper says.

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PA progressive said...

Thanks for the copy on your blog!

I'm glad to see I'm not a lonely voice crying in the wind about this issue.