Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Titus North for Congress -- He sticks to ballot after a long battle from good-for-nothing un-democratic democrats

Undemocratic democrats aim to kills this nation's democratic legacy and are shameful. We're sending our sons, daughters, husbands, wives and neighbors into harm's way around the world to spread democracy. However, there are too many here at home that just don't get it. They are power hungry and not worthy of serving the public interest.

Titus North, former candidate for Mayor, jumped through hoops all summer to get onto the ballot. Then came the attorneys with more challenges throughout August and September.

Congressman Doyle, I've got a problem with your values. Sure, Doyle backed off. Right. The call down happened weeks to late. The back-down happened after the signature challenge was proven to be bogus and fail. Mr. North was to prevail so Doyle called off the dogs. Jackass, donkey, friend of royalty, enemy of democracy -- all fit to say the least.
Status of the challenges to the petitions of Titus North, Green, for US Congress

August 20, 2006 - 2:00 am

As many of you know, the petitions submitted by Green Party senatorial candidate Carl Romanelli have been challenged by the Democrats. What you may not know is that my petitions were also challenged. I want to make it clear from the start that ALL my petitions were circulated by local Green Party volunteers and not a single one of my signatures was collected by the petitioning firm contracted by Mr. Romanelli. Moreover, the tedious and time-consuming review of my petitions has made it plainly obvious to everyone involved that no fraud was involved in the collection of my signatures and the required number of registered voters in the district signed my petitions. Mike Doyle has been decent enough to pledge that he will not try to disqualify any signatures from registered voters in the district based on technicalities, so my place on the ballot seems assured. Still, the process of inspecting the challenged signatures line by line may take weeks. What this clearly demonstrates is that signature requirements for ballot access are unreasonably high. Thanks to everyone who has helped with the effort of insuring that voters will get a choice this November.

It's final -- Titus North to be on the ballot

September 21, 2006 - 6:27 pm

On September 13 Congressmen Mike Doyle called Titus to tell him that he has instructed Bob Casey's lawyers to withdraw that challenge that had been filed against Titus' nomination petitions. This came following more than four weeks of line-by-line verification of the signatures on the petitions by Titus and his tireless volunteers. The signature review proved that Titus had enough valid signatures to appear on the ballot and that the majority of the signatures challenged by the Democrats were perfectly valid, without even technical errors.
The Titus North site is, VoteNorth.org.

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