Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Redd up opportunity (sent by Matt Hogue)

On Saturday September 23rd there will be an unofficial Elliott "Redd Up" day. The cleanup will start at 9 am and will focus on the 6 blocks on the #30 firehouse side of Lorenz Avenue. These areas have become increasingly dirty and are in need of a spruce up. Please plan on attending. If we have enough volunteers we can do more areas than the planned ones.

At 9 am on September 23, 2006 at 825 Lorenz Avenue / Emanuel United Methodist Church.

It is recommended that you bring a heavier pair of work gloves if you have them available.
Photo below show a sweeping the sidewalks. Quiz: Guess where? And, guess what you'll find just around the corner. (Hint, what kind of plants are they? And, who eats those plants?) (Hint 2: Click photo for a larger view.) (Hint 3: Go to

Click the comments to find the answer.

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