Saturday, September 30, 2006

'Katie's Revenge' tattoo by force

When and how do you make something like this right? Never? - Officials:�Inmate got 'Katie's Revenge' tattoo by force - Sep 29, 2006 Two prison guards suspected of supplying the picture were fired for making unauthorized copies of an evidence photo, said Rich Larsen, a spokesman for the Wabash Valley state prison in Carlisle, about 70 miles north of Evansville.
In my opinion, and it is a humble opinion, as one needs to walk softly through a ton of issues and crap, things get better with light, not darkness. Shine a light on it.

The photo came out into the open, and that is good.

Meanwhile, two prison guards suspected of supplying the picture (photo) were fired. That's bad. Suspend pending an investigation. Transfer to another facility, pending an investigation.

When does evidence become open to review by others -- by orders of law?

I worry and wonder about whistleblowers. I wonder if those who we suspect are worthy of job termination.

Or, there is also a bit of doubt that isn't too far from the realm of being. Are we certain that the brutalized act was only among inmates?

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