Friday, September 22, 2006

Candidates full of suggestions

Flashback from March, 2006:

The P-G covered the city council race in a news story today (Monday).

A couple of points to note follow:
Candidates for Ricciardi's City Council seat full of suggestions For instance, how about having residents dial 311 to report nonemergency problems that police would handle during lulls in the 911 calls? That idea comes from Mark Rauterkus, a swim coach from the South Side Flats who ran for mayor as a Republican but is now a Libertarian.
It is funny to see the Neville Ice Arena mention as I'll be putting out a press release on that shortly.

The lead about a "lot of interesting ideas" is on target for what I've been trying to bring to the election and campaign. Many of my ideas have even started to take root within the words of the other candidates.

For example, Krane had NOTHING to say about kids until this meeting with the P-G. He was silent on the most pressing topic within the city. Krane woke up on this, finally, and that is always a good thing. But, I think he is still clueless on how to engage kids -- because it isn't about giving the kids $100 check books.

... end snip ...

This is a happy moment -- where the "I told you so" comes true on a POSITIVE side.

Today's P-G (9-22-06) had this bit of insight:
Ravenstahl holds course on city budget
Ravenstahl holds course on city budget The plan includes $120,000 to create a new problem line, similar to the existing 911 emergency phone number, that would be in operation within months.

'Whether it's a pothole that needs patched, whether it's a tree that fell across the road, whether it's a street that needs salted, [residents] can dial 311,' said Mr. Ravenstahl, and the complaint will be routed to the proper department.
Then the next idea is about 'technology' being put in with the building inspectors.

I often hit my head against a wall. I often put out new ideas that don't get picked up after I say them, when it comes to city government especially. However, there are times when things that are blabbed about do get planted, like seeds, and spring to life in other times.

Time does tell.

It is great to see Luke is moving forward on the 311 project. It will be welcomed.

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