Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Prove me wrong. Name one thing, just one.

I asked: "Can anyone name ONE idea that the Act 47 Team or the ICA Board has come up with? Just one would be nice."

I don't think they (overlords) get credit for anything. I'll go out on a limb and say, "The oversight board (ICA) and the Act 47 Coordinators have provided Pittsburgh with no benefits -- 'zippo.'

I've been to a few of their meetings. Mostly, meetings don't even occur.

Furthermore, having overlords costs the city. They come with some big bills that the city must pay. The work of the overlords doesn't 'translate well.' Yeah, right. A room full of monkeys and some typewritters could do a better job producing poetry than what the overlords have given the city's citizens in terms of goverance, oversight and management for a better future.

These overlords don't even provide us with good gossip nor photos for the 'seen' pages. Even with the PA Gambling Control Board gets more notice with its 'slime ball back-to-work programs' and the resulting arrests.

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