Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Pitt's and CMU's Greens and Libertarians meet tonight

The Pitt Libertarians and CMU Libertarians present,

Greens and Libertarians, the Yin and Yang of our Political Future.
at 7 PM, tonight, Tuesday, CMU's Scaife Hall Auditorium

A short presentation by Dan Sullivan will be followed by discussion that focus on how the ten key values of the Greens are compatible with the core principle of the Libertarians, and how the Greens have been pulled to the left of their values while the libertarians have been pulled to the right.

It explores how the two groups can keep their identities but create a "dynamic tension" by confronting each other directly on issues instead of letting the major parties and the power brokers work out compromises.

CMU's Scaife Hall is the first building on the left if you cross the bridge behind the Carnegie Library and then turn left just before you get to the Phipps Conservatory. Do not confuse it with Pitt's Scaife Hall.

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