Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Could and WOULD you attend a Candidate Forum on Oct 30?

This letter was part of "tidbits" from our UU Church, Sunnyhill. The church is located in Mt. Lebo but has members from many areas south of the rivers.

Dear Sunnyhill Members and Friends,

We'd love to plan a special event from 7 to 8 pm for Monday, October 30, at Sunnyhill. We've hosted CANDIDATE FORUMS in the past and we'd love to do so again -- but only if we get a strong promise from our core supporters that this is an event that they'll attend and even promote to other friends and co-workers.

Our goal is to bring in four candidates to each provide us with a 10-minute policy talk and field a couple of questions. These would be ALL the people on the ballot -- not just from one party. We want an inclusive event -- but not a 'real debate.'

The candidates we want to invite are the ones who are running for PA HOUSE of Representatives (Harrisburg) and the US House (DC's Congress). They are the ones on the ballot for Mt. Lebo come November 7.

We figure opinions have been established for US Senate and Governor already.

So, please RSVP YES or NO if you'd be able to come to a one-hour event from 7 pm to 8 pm on Monday, October 30, 2006 at Sunnyhill to hear from candidates on the ballot.

Mark will tally the replies. If we hit a critical mass and get a commitment from a sizable audience, we'll make posters for the event, confirm with the speakers and proceed. Otherwise, resume you're regually scheduled programming.....

Mail to: Mark @ Rauterkus . com
YES and HOW MANY _________ you'll be bringing.

NO. Can't attend.

Stay tuned.....

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