Saturday, September 23, 2006 - Remembering Mayor Bob O'Connor - Remembering Mayor Bob O'Connor The former council president beat a political newcomer to become Pittsburgh's 58th mayor
KDKA is re-writting history.

In the General Election in 2005, Bob O'Connor beat Joe Weinroth, R. Wienroth had run for City Council four years prior. Weinroth was on the STATE GOP Committee. He had gone to Republican National Conventions. Weinroth wasn't a 'light weight' nor a 'political newcomer.'

Titus North, Green, was also in the race in 2005.

Bob O'Connor (Dem) 40,226 67.1%

Joseph Weinroth (Republican) 16,321 27.2%

Titus North (Green) 2,392 4.0%

David Tessitor (About Open Gov) 625 1.0%

Jay M Ressler (Socialist) 397 0.7%

Totals 59,961


Anonymous said...

Much ado about nothing.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Much. Hardly. It is a little blog post.

Nothing. Hardly. It is history. This is KDKA. They need to have a better understanding of the facts. Otherwise, the citizens and voters won't have an understanding of the facts.

The 'watchdogs' need to wake up and watch and report with a sense of truthfulness.

You can give KDKA a free pass on your site. I'll call them as I see them. There were a few other errors in that fluff O'Connor bit. I think they owe it to everyone to be honest.

Thomas Leturgey said...

Mark, you are correct about Mr. Weinroth. No anonymous poster is going to sway anyone.

And I don't mean to put down Mr. O'Connor, but if he were so beloved as Mr. Pittsburgh, he certainly wouldn't have had to run THREE times before winning that office. That's an oversite virtually every media outlet in town overlooked.

Mr. O'Connor was a very good guy and he died a horrible death that I wouldn't wish on anyone.

Anonymous said...

I have heard every media outlet report in their Bob stories that it took Bob 3 tries to get the job he so long coveted.

It's not Bob's fault that it took him 3 times. Pin that blame on voters who voted in a bad guy. Murphy was a great campaigner and could rally his troops like no other.

On Bob's 1st run he was ill-prepared, most people are on their 1st run. The 2nd run he lost by 699 votes! That election was a horse race until the end. Why wouldn't Bob run for a 3rd time? The job was there for the taking.

Your very misinformed Mr. Leturgey

Whoever you are.